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Cane Toads: The Conquest

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Join the Cane Toads on their unstoppable journey across
the Australian continent, as they leave behind them a
broken trail of human folly, endless controversy and a
series of extraordinary close encounters. Meet the
residence, scientists, community groups and politicians
who have crossed their path, and discover the incredible
and on going story behind one of Australia's most
notorious environmental blunders.

Poignant and hilarious, Cane Toads: The Conquest is the
irreverant, comic and provocative true story about a great
Austalian menace.

"Chaplin comedy, Hitchcock suspense and Homeric odyssey
from Cairns to Broome."
Encore Magazine

Los Angeles Times

"A wonderful film, full of fiendish and subversive humor."
Werner Herzog

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"You can watch TV until you grow antennae, but you'll never see anything
like the animal films of Mark Lewis. While everyone else makes like it's science
class, Lewis deconstructs the world through the eyes of a creature. Watch
one of his films and you think you know how the mind of a dog or a rat or
a cane toad works. But you get a good gander at another species, too.
Other filmmakers depict animals in the wild, but Lewis is more interested in
how they interrelate with man. In many ways, no matter what little furry
thing he's talking about, his real subject is humankind."
Shawn Levy, The Oregonian

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Cane Toads: an unnatural history

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The Cane Toads – Bufo Marinus, natives of central America
were imported by the sack-load to Australia in 1935 in an
attempt to rid the country of the Greyback beetle, which
was rapidly destroying the sugarcane crop. The Cane Toads
adapted beautifully to their new surroundings. Problem
was, the beetle could fly and the Cane Toad couldn’t. What
the cane toad is unusually proficient at, however, is making
more cane toads – thousands upon thousands more.

"A teacher and student favorite – a must see film for all
students of biology, science and the environment.”
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The Natural History of the Chicken

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Most of us best know the chicken from our dinner plates:
whether as thigh, wing or drumstick, we barely pause a
moment to consider the bird's many virtues. This one-hour
film by Mark Lewis ("Cane Toads" and "Rat") expands the
frontiers of popular awareness and delightfully allows us
to discover how this small, common and seemingly simple
animal can reveal itself to be on its own terms as complex
and grand as any of God's creatures.

"One of the top ten television programs of the year."
The New York Times

"Far from being a shrill political screed, this documentary
is a funny examination of the many roles that chickens
play in our lifes. The film even gracefully evolves into a
philosophical musing on God, courage and selflessness."
Ernest Hardy, LA Weekly

"A Wonderful insight into the diversity of the Animal
Kingdom."  The Scotsman

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MAN and RAT -- the two most successful mammals on earth
compete for the same territory: New York City.  From out of
the sewers and into the lives of New Yorkers,  the  journey
of the rat  reveals a very different side of  natural history.
RAT: the most reviled creature on earth versus its greatest
New Yorkers bitten by rats last year: 184
New Yorkers bitten by other New Yorkers: 1,102

"Truly Remarkable."
Donald Liebensen-Chicago Tribune

"A wonderful piece of film."
Philadelphia Enquirer

"RAT is  unique in the world of nature films."
New York Press

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A film about fate, co-existence, vanity, justice, karma and
forgiveness… From writer/director Mark Lewis, Animalicous
comprises six stories of people and the animals that shot
them, fell on them and generally caused mayhem of one
sort or another. Filmed in Kentucky, Missouri and England,
Animalicous features a bomb-diving duck, a squirrel which
thinks it’s landed on Normandy Beach, a hawk that could
easily work for a hair growth pharmaceutical company,
a parakeet, a turkey, a hungry snake and one tiny little
dog. It’s a funny but wry account of how animals can be
a way of defining ourselves. In Animalicious Mark Lewis
displays a genuine knack for uncovering the comic and
quizzical relationships that exist between people and
creatures great and small.
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The Wonderful World of Dogs

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A woman obsessed by dogs crapping on her small piece of
lawn. A pelican hungry enough to eat a small Chihuahua.
A dog who enjoys dressing up in women’s clothing.
And another with a penchant for rubber… Discover the
wonderful world of dogs… barkers, bullies, crappers, and
roamers. Meet Boris, Pebbles, Piglet, Molly and the
delinquent dog, Fugly. Meet the people – the devoted dog-
lovers and those less enthusiastic about the canine breed.
The Wonderful World of Dogs looks at the myths and
obsessions surrounding the domestic dog and their doting
owners. A story about dogs who just want to be dogs and
people who want their dogs to be just like people.
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Reviews from

What the students and teachers have to say…..

"I have been using this video for several years with the middle school life science class
that I teach at an independent school in Topeka, Kansas. The students love it, and they
learn some important lessons in regard to our natural world and the evolution of life on
the planet Earth."

"I show this video in my environmental classes and the students LOVE it!!! This is one
of the cleverest, funniest natural history videos out there - I only wish there were more
videos by the same writer/director. It's not really just for scientists either...there's
something in there for everyone."

"Great humor, and helped many of my AP Environmental Science classes pass their AP
test. A must have for teachers."

"We we're studying ecosystems in 9th grade biology. In the middle of class my teacher
totally cracks up, and tells us that we are going to have fun in class the next day.
So we all come into class the next day, and surprise!!! a video about cane toads!!!
Of course we were all excited (not really, we thought the teacher had gone a little
whacko) but 5 minutes into the movie, every person was laughing their head off!
This is the best movie I have ever seen in any science class!!! (or any classroom for
that matter)"

"This is quite possibly the best nature movie ever made. It is accurate, has an excellent
point, and is influential. Most importantly, it is drop dead hilarious! I first saw this at
Truman Sate University when I got my B.S."

"I have looked all over for this video since I first saw it in a college biology class. This
video does a wonderful job discussing the issue of introduced species and the biology
of the cane toad while putting it in a social context. One of my favorite movies."

"I teach HS science in a rural town & it is the best video ever! My students tell all the
underclassmen how they will get to see this in my biology class."

"I've used this in my Biology classes for years. It's the one movie every student asks
to see again."

"UCLA loves the Cane Toads!!!"

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