Mark Lewis

Mark Lewis: Director

For more than a decade, producer and director,
Mark Lewis, has been renowned for developing the
unusual genre of comical nature documentary, making
films that focus on man’s quirky and quizzical
relationship with animals - and provoke us to rethink
how we view creatures great and small. Besides
examining the behaviour of beasts, Lewis frequently
turns his lens inward to ultimately reveal surprising
insights about one of the world’s strangest animals –
human beings. Often illustrated through narrative
vignettes by ordinary people with unusual fascinations
or problems with a particular animal, Lewis imbues
his films with a combination of hard fact, tongue-in-
cheek irony, and his unique brand of gentle humour.

His films have earned him many awards, including
a British Academy Award nomination, a nomination
from the Directors Guild of America, two Emmy’s
for Outstanding Direction in documentary film, and
an Emmy for Outstanding Science Program on
American Television.

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